10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Nancy Grace has a hot dancing partner, Snooki crashes into an Italian cop car, what Jon Hamm looks like with a mustache, and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s much-anticipated return to television gets mocked by pretty much everyone.

1.) Snooki hits a cop car.
Even though we read about it months ago, Snooki’s shining moment from the Italian season of Jersey Shore finally made it to air last night. I was expecting to laugh my way through it, but Snooki’s constant pleading with the cops and guidette tears actually made me feel pretty badly for her.

2.) Ringer‘s horrific green screen boat scene.
I had the entire boat scene from the premiere of Ringer set in here for you guys, but then the good people at The Soup sent over this clip from tonight’s episode. Because we can’t wait for Community to return, let Ken Jeong and Joel McHale’s reenactment of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to the small screen hold you over.

3.) Kristen Schaal takes on the HPV debate.
After two insane Republican debates that discussed the HPV vaccine at length, The Daily Show‘s “Senior Women’s Issues Correspondent” set the record straight. Things learned: Minnesota doesn’t have to worry about HPV as much because they wear so many layers, Michele Bachmann’s words make great bumper stickers, and Schaal makes quite a Hooters girl.

4.) Guillermo interviews Adam Scott and Jon Hamm on the red carpet.
Jimmy Kimmel’s sidekick discovers a photo of Jon Hamm with a mustache and it’s not as hot as you would think. Friends With Kids With Benefits sounds pretty good, actually.

5.) Sarah Jessica Parker and Anderson Cooper with phones.
So it might not be the next Oprah. Here’s why.

6.) Nancy Grace’s new dance partner.
On today’s Good Morning America, we met the professional dancer with whom Grace is paired on Dancing With The Stars. He’s both attractive and Irish! But why is she acting so crazy and flirty? Channeling Kirstie Alley, perhaps?

7.) Molly Shannon had the hots for a public masturbator as a kid.
Hey, whatever floats your boat.

8.) Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert’s best friendship is over.
All good things must come to an end, and the six-month-long best friendship between the two late night hosts is no exception. At least they’ll always remember the good times they spent on a bicycle built for two.

9.) Glenn Howerton’s angelic singing voice.
When Howerton appeared on Conan for the first time, CoCo expressed his love of “Day Man,” the song his character Dennis sings on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. As it turns out, his voice can go even higher. Respect.

10.) Wendy’s baaaaack.
Wendy Williams kicked off the third season of her talk show by appearing on a JumboTron in Times Square and asking the people on the street how they were doin’.

Bonus: Ton Of Cash contestant’s remarkable exit.
There’s really not a whole lot I could say to describe this clip. All you need to know is that Jonny (who calls himself the “Greek Mystique”) has been voted off his reality show and he has, uh, testosterone. Lots of it.

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