102-Year-Old American Hero Just Wants to Eat White Castle on Her B-Day


Forget everything they told you in health class: It is, in fact, possible to survive past 100 and eat White Castle regularly. And Madeleine Turpan of Long Island is here to prove it. She just celebrated her 102nd birthday at the fast food restaurant and she couldn’t be healthier or happier. And she’s a former dietician.

I must admit I have never been to a White Castle, but I know about how great their burgers are from Jenny McCarthy’s book Jen X, which I devoured twice while on vacation at a resort with my parents (it helps that it was mostly pictures.) In her book, McCarthy points out that the reason White Castle burgers are so good is that due to their square shape they feel just as good coming out as they did going in, and I am going to guess that Turpan’s love of the fast food chain must have something to do with that as well. She’s been eating there for over 70 years, and if that’s not commitment, I don’t know what is.

Turpan, who still enjoys wine with her dinner and got a college degree at 75 (#girlsruntheworld) was inducted into the White Castle cravers hall of fame during her birthday party, which featured both greasy burgers and a humongous cake that I want to stick my entire face into right now and never come out of. But, according to a quote she gave ABC 7, that’s not really what keeps Turpan in the excellent shape that she’s in. Apparently all of that is owed to her indomitable spirit. (But also the hamburgers. Right?)

Here’s what Turpan said of her party, which she says is the best she’s ever had:

“The best part so far today has been being right here, right now, with all these lovely people around here, every one of them. All friends,” said Madeleine.

Nice sentiment, but she’s wrong. The best part of any party is the fries. And you can put that on my gravestone. I will probably not make it to 102.

Image via ABC 7

H/T: Uproxx

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