105-Year-Old Woman May Have Found the Elixir of Life: Bacon


Pearl Cantrell celebrated her 105th birthday this week. Having outlived three of her seven children as well as her husband, she’s lived a long and fruitful life. Her daughter Anno says that even after a 100 years, Pearl is still very active and loves to dance. Though the Texan woman’s optimistic outlook on life and jolly personality could be the cause of her longevity, Pearl has another theory: Bacon.

Quoth Pearl, “I love bacon and eat it everyday. I don’t feel as old as I am, that’s all I can say.”

I can just imagine her shrugging her shoulders as she says that, winking as she bites into her 1 millionth piece of bacon like an all-knowing bacon shaman with the wisdom of a century under her belt.

I could drop a few references to some study about how bacon is good for you, but let’s get real: Pearl is all the science we need.

P.S. In the video above, that anchorman’s “shotbun” joke at 24 seconds:

[Science World Report]

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