13 Reasons the World Is Still Awesome


Happy Monday. Last week sucked — fuck last week. THAT SAID, the world still has some stuff going for it, and because seeing the great things is not something that comes naturally to many of us, let’s take a moment to reflect on how the world is rad and wonderful. Why not? The alternative is to down a bottle of Celexa with bourbon and then watch Yo Gabba Gabba until the light calls us. (I might’ve made that option sound too appealing.)

1. Science is fucking amazing: We’ve functionally cured people of HIV, learned a fuck-ton about duck penises, reversed paralysis in a dog, and The GZA is actually teaching kids science. (That last one just makes me extra crazy happy. Next up? Ghostface Killah’s home ec.)

2. Summer is coming! Summer is coming! Summer is coming!

3. This pig.

4. Mad Men, Veep, and Game of Thrones are all on the air — and Breaking Bad’s gonna be back soon! TV IS GOOD.

5. Same-sex marriage was legalized in New Zealand last week — and then the whole country (ok, people at the Parliament vote) broke into happy song.

6. The world’s largest gay club is opening in Florida. See! Even Florida, Satan’s sweltering butthole hemorrhoid, has awesome shit happening.

7. People rescue and revive stray and mangy animals like Bethany every day. Bethany, we love you.

8. Eighth grader Sophia Stevens brilliantly destroyed standardized tests by creating her own version. On that tip — every day we come across a new young woman who’s changing and challenging the world. Thank you, Katelyn Campbell. And Zora Ball. And Stella Ehrhart. And Rochelle Ballantyne. And Yulkendy Valdez. And whatever amazing young lady we discover tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and Riley. Always Riley.:

9. People can surprise you with their intense goodness.

10. This kangaroo exists:

11. Ryan Lochte walks the earth — and provides the best interview material of all time.

12. Cats: Lil’ Bub, Grumpy, and Keyboard.

13. Hillary Clinton

So, you see, everything is going to be okay. And if not, there’s always drugs, booze, and crying. Mother Earth provides.

Now go out there and get ’em — this is our week!!

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