15 Winter Coats That Look Like Female Genitalia


The current trend in winter wear? Pillow collars. Sounds dreamy, right? Well, they might be. And they look like vulvas.

A hot pink vulva, giving birth to a disembodied head. (Nordstrom)

Some meaty labia. (Knoles Carter)

Irritated, red labia majora and labia minora. (Moncler)

Is that a silver clit? (Tahari)

More soft folds. (Mackage)

Sometimes labia are brown. (Ashley Stewart, no relation)

Check out the way she’s gripping the satiny lip. (Larry Levine)

This collar’s a little wrinkly, like real flesh. (Shoppingner)

Zipper clit? (Sears)

Textured! (Sears)

Wide-open and velvety. (Sears)

Tweedy. (Fashion Junkee)

My, what a wide wingspan you have there. (Baby Phat)

The world is your gynecologist!
(Arden B)

Last, but not least: Of course Etsy can hook you up. Or could, at one time. It’s been sold. (SophiaChristine)

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