23 Last-Minute Topical Halloween Costumes for 2023 That Aren’t Barbie

In a year littered with neon spandex and bright pink bell bottoms, stick with something a bit more clever (and easy).


Drew Barrymore Apology Video Look

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Drew Barrymore Apology Video Look
Screenshot: YouTube

This costume is also known as “Wanting Something That Wants to Be There Being Very Realistic in Very Realistic Times.” Drew’s apology video for deciding to bring back her talk show despite the writer’s strike was super confusing, but her look is easy as hell! Grab a mauve sweatshirt, throw a bit of Surf Spray in your hair, push some glasses on top of your head, and spend the evening giving out nonsense apologies that vaguely sound like musings from a drunk, dollar-store Glennon Doyle.

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