25% Percent Of Americans Don't Know the Earth Orbits the Sun


This is not a joke! A survey conducted by the National Science Foundation has revealed that only one out of every four Americans did not know that the earth orbits the sun. Is it me? Is it you? Is it someone we know? Should we be out in the street screaming this news at the top of our lungs, educating others about the giant orb of heat death in the sky? More people should know!

The survey, which included 2,200 people, found that only roughly 74% of respondents knew that the earth spent its time sailing in a beautiful circle around the sun. Less than 48% knew that humans had evolved from earlier species. Only 30% of respondents believed that science should get more funding from the government, which is upsetting because if anything, this proves that education is badly (BADLY) needed.
Out of a possible ten points on the survey, the average was a 6.5, which was good enough when i was taking statistics (Donna Martin graduates!) but suggests that much more focus is needed on educating the public about science and much less should be placed on suspending 10th graders who accidentally blow something up in the chemistry lab. Just saying.

Image via Shutterstock.

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