25-Year-Old Taylor Swift Slips Booze to Her Teen Bestie Lorde

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The year was 2015 and Lorde, a teen, was at a Golden Globes after-party with her older friend Taylor Swift. “You wanna drink some alcohol illegally?” Taylor asked, shoving a cup full of smelly liquid into Lorde’s hand. “Aw, shucks, no,” Lorde replied. “I don’t do anything illegal.” Suddenly Taylor’s eyes were hard like diamonds. “Look, kid,” she hissed. “You wanna hang with me, you gotta drink, ya dig? So start gulping or hit the pavement.”

Lorde didn’t want to drink, but she also didn’t want to seem “uncool,” so she took a sip. It burned. Then she took a big gulp. And then another. Suddenly her eyes were two cartoon spirals.

“You’re right, I guess” Lorde said, wildly. “This is pretty…hep.” “Yeah, baby. Ya dig it. Ya really dig it now,” answered Taylor, who was leaning against the Golden Globes juke box. Later they talked to boys and Taylor introduced Lorde to electric guitar music.

If this story seems too “wild” to be true, it’s not. Just ask The Hollywood Gossip:

“Taylor was drinking rum and coke and then she switched to Meiomi wine,” a witness at the HBO-hosted shindig tells Star magazine. “And she was feeding her rum and coke to Lorde!”
…The source says that Lorde was reluctant to take a sip, but Taylor egged her on, saying, “Rum is so good!” (The girl speaks the truth.)
Apparently, the “Royals” songstress was so enamored with the cocktail that she ordered one of her own after she finished Taylor’s!

And both girls died in a car accident on prom night.

[The Hollywood Gossip]

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