5 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s abbreviated, holiday-weekend compilation of pop culture crap, strippers protest a church, Nancy Grace cracks nuts, and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler has an elaborate manicure.

1.) Steven Tyler’s manicure
It’s leopard print. Actually, the entire story is really awesome. A CNN set manager is a huge Aerosmith fan and in honor of celebrating attending his 100th concert, the network arranged for the guy and his whole family—including his crop-topped wife—to meet the band.

2.) Nancy Grace will smash your nuts.
The new promo spot for her HLN show is perfectly dramatic and crass.

3.) The Insider such a bitch.
The show demonstrated its junior-high level sophistication for backhanded remarks when it made thinly veiled jabs at Jessica Simpson’s weight while reporting that she has hired plus-size models for her clothing line. If you listen closely toward the end, there’s even a “moo” sound effect. Assholes.

4.) Talk to the hand (puppet).
This week on Big Brother, the house guests were forced to use a hand puppet whenever they spoke. This guy realized quickly that it was his only friend, and he cried himself to sleep while talking to it.

5.) Strippers protest holy rollers.
A dump of a strip club called The Fox Hole in Ohio is regularly protested by the members of one of the churches in town, bordering on harassment. So the strippers have begun using their Sundays to protest the church. And while the idea sounds like it rules, I have a feeling that the strippers will get sick of it really soon, since the congregation has taken it as an opportunity to literally preach to the ladies about “good and evil.”

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