Judy Blume's Planned Parenthood Letter Enrages Pro-Lifers


Several readers have emailed about how Judy Blume wrote a Mother’s Day letter for Planned Parenthood, soliciting donations on behalf of the organization. LifeNews found out; called PP “the nation’s largest abortion business;” and urged:

“Contact Judy Blume with your complaints about her support for Planned Parenthood.” Of course, LifeNews put a “spin” on the facts:

Blume notes how more woman are seeking abortions form Planned Parenthood because of the difficult economy and she urges readers of the email to use that as a reason to support the abortion business.

Not accurate! Blume wrote:

If you know a mother who is struggling to raise strong, independent, and confident children in the face of unbelievable odds… Say thanks. Say thanks this Mother’s Day with a gift that honors her courage by making a donation to Planned Parenthood in her name. I guarantee you that she’ll be pleased. I know I would be.
It’s not easy to be a mother these days. And right now – with more and more women seeking care from Planned Parenthood health centers – we need to do all we can to support them. By honoring a mother in your life, you’ll be making a gift to millions of mothers and families who seek care from Planned Parenthood. That’s a gift any mother will appreciate.

Because Planned Parenthood is not an “abortion business,” it is a reproductive health organization which offers contraceptive (birth control) services; emergency contraception; screening for breast, cervical and testicular cancers; pregnancy testing and pregnancy options counseling; testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases; sexuality education, menopause treatments; vasectomies and tubal ligations. And abortions. Which are a woman’s right to obtain.

Some LifeNews readers must have contacted Judy Blume’s publisher, because Planned Parenthood sent out a new letter claiming the author has been “inundated” by “hate mail and phone calls” from “anti-choice extremists.” Right now, PP is the only source on this, although there are some rumblings on a few Catholic blogs.

Though Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization, and funding is always important (it has received donations from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation), there is a whiff of manipulation in its follow up email, which toys with the recipient’s emotions; the emails we received read, “I do not like people hatin’ on Judy!” and “They’re being mean to Judy Blume!” Cecile Richards of PP wrote, “When it comes to Judy Blume… well, I can’t stand by and do nothing. I just can’t. Please, let her know how much we appreciate her courage! Spread the word. Please send an e-mail to friends, and post this message on your social network, blog, and twitter.” Consider it done.

Judy Blume’s Letter, Stand Up For Judy Blume [Planned Parenthood Action Center]
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