Amy Poehler Explains Her Stock Photo Modeling Past


Last week, during a stock photo search using the word “volunteer,” someone happened upon two pretty silly-looking photos from Amy Poehler’s past. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Amy explained how the photos came to be.

While living in Chicago in her 20’s, she and her friends would donate blood or take cheesy photos to be used in the backs of picture frames for some extra money. She essentially reacts the way we would expect: “Oh God it’s so terrible! I don’t even think I wore makeup or anything!”

“When you look up other actresses old modeling pictures on the internet they look really young and sexy and I look like a sociopath.” The term sociopath might be a little much, but she definitely hits the nail on the head when she says “If you ever had any doubt about my late bloomer-hood, take a look at that.” And that’s why we love you, Amy.

Amy Poehler’s Secret Past As A Model [Jezebel]

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