8 Gifts You Can Give Yourself This Valentine's Day


Shop is from the biz minds at Jezebel (so to be clear, this is not editorial). Every once in awhile, we’ll bring you content about unique products or stores. Today’s contributor is Erica Cerulo from Of a Kind, an NYC-based startup that curates products from fresh, independent designers.

Ugh, baby’s breath and stuffed teddies (or, worse yet, teddies you are meant to wear). Valentine’s Day has done about everything in its Hallmark-bestowed power to be un-awesome. The best coping mechanisms: Eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Liz Lemon ice cream (while you can!) or treating yo’self to something that makes you feel special and fancy over at Of a Kind.

These eight scores below-GOLD, to make you feel like a real winner-are all limited-edition and made-in-America. And, now through Sunday, February 17, use the code GOFORGOLD for a whole 20% off. All the more reason…

Diana Black Diamond Bracelet
Hunger Games lover? Hater? Oh, who cares: Either way you’ll be all about this rose gold and black diamond bracelet from the trio behind Workhorse Jewelry. Buy for $240 $192 with code.

Armor Studs
These earrings, made by Lila Rice and stamped with a mesh pattern, are the sort you can wear every day. But they’re probably way cooler than the pair you currently do. Buy for $78 $62.40 with code.

Alva Bracelet and Necklace
It’s pretty hard to get behind matchy-matchy…in every case but this one. Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer makes you wanna pile on the climbing rope-and the metal cast to look like climbing rope. Buy the bracelet for $140 $112 and the necklace for $220 $176 with code.

Black Diamond Circle Earrings
Who said your earrings have to look alike? Not Caitlin Mociun who made these black diamond and gold guys-and who also has a rad shop in Williamsburg. Buy for $260 $208 with code.

Victorian Governess Cuff
The inspo for this sucker? Dollhouse scissors. In case that makes you question the designer’s cool-girl cred, the name of her line was taken from the one she went by during her DJ days, Tirana. Buy for $130 $104 with code.

Fringe Necklace
Okay, how cool is this: Sophie Monet does all of the woodwork for her pieces, including this really easy-to-wear necklace, out of her sculptor dad’s workshop in Venice, California. Buy for $130 $104 with code.

Sparkle Fold-Over Bag
This is the one bag you need for every fancy event that you have to hit (cough, cough, spring wedding season). And thanks the Bare number’s chain strap, you lower the odds of losing it in a taxi/bathroom/bar. Buy for $150 $120 with code.

Pyrite Facet Cuff
Though this bracelet by Kelly Wearstler is ridiculously sleek, it’s also a little funny: The band is gold, and stone is pyrite-a.k.a. fool’s gold. GET IT? Buy for $290 $232 with code.

And reminder, the code GOFORGOLD for 20% off is valid all the way through this Sunday, February 17, 2013.

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