8-Year-Old Girl Suspended for Wearing Wrong Shade of Green


Is it me, or do dress code policies seem to be getting more and more outrageous? For this recent offense in school-approved attire, a student didn’t show off a bare shoulder or wear a skirt deemed too short by officials. This little girl dared to wear the wrong shade of green. Call the authorities!

An 8-year-old girl attending a New Jersey public elementary school received a one-day suspension for wearing a kelly green polo shirt. According to AP, the school’s dress code specifies shirts must only be white, navy or dark green. The different hue caused her to be in violation of the school’s policy.

Why they didn’t just give the girl a warning or let her go home and change is a mystery. The mother of the child called the suspension “a little ridiculous.” And embarrassing. Seems like schools will use any excuse to prevent kids from actually being in class and learning these days.

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Image via Tyler Olson/Shutterstock.

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