9-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Kills Her Shooting Instructor With an Uzi


Here is yet another reason to be completely terrified of the world we live in. A NINE YEAR-OLD girl accidentally killed her shooting instructor on Monday after shooting him in the head while her parents looked on. Yup.

The incident took place in Arizona, because of course it did, as the NINE YEAR-OLD was being instructed on how to use an Uzi—which Google told me is a scary-looking automatic weapon.

Why the fuckity fuck fuck fuck does a NINE YEAR-OLD need to know how to shoot an automatic weapon, you ask? I’ve been racking my brain and was only able to come up with three possible conclusions.

  • She plans on enlisting in the world’s youngest citizen militia.
  • She’s going undercover as a child solider in South Sudan to write a long form piece for The New Yorker.
  • Her parents are goddamn psychos.

The NINE YEAR-OLD girl apparently “lost control of the weapon” when she pulled the trigger—as I imagine Uzis are not built for the delicate curves of a NINE YEAR-OLD’s hand.

The operator of the shooting range, Last Stop, which is morbidly ironic and should also change its name to “The Most Terrifying Place In America,” told Time that they permit “accompanied children age eight and older to handle weapons,” because well, fuck it.

It is sad and horrible but, frankly, I’m surprised it took this long for an accident to happen. This seems like the only possible outcome to allowing a NINE YEAR-OLD to shoot an automatic weapon. Grown ass adults who have reportedly been trained are barely able to handle guns well. What would possesses anything to think a NINE YEAR-OLD wouldn’t have some issues, I don’t know.

When even Joe Scarborough is horrified, you know its bad. File this under reason 4,652 why I avoid the state Arizona at almost every conceivable cost.

Image via zimand/Shutterstock.

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