A Big, Sweaty Look At Wimbledon So Far


Wimbledon 2011 is a prestigious championship tournament, where tennis players from around the world compete in grueling matches. We like to check out the hot bodies and orgasm-ish strained faces.

Does Jo-Wilfried Tsonga make this face in bed?

Here, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and David Ferrer of Spain do the secret tennis handshake.

Lucy Brown tells the ball to talk to the hand.

Roger Federer learned this move from Black Swan.

Indy De Vroome calls this the Dizzy Gillespie volley.

Prince William grudgingly participates in the peculiar phenomenon known as “the wave.”

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, mocks Prince William’s wave enthusiasm.

Serena Williams and her biceps get to work.

Serena can’t wait until her “scream and hop” dance craze sweeps the nation.

Rafael Nadal saw that movie Almost Famous. He, too, would like to announce that he is a golden god.

Victoria Azarenka always sings Poison’s “Nothing But A Good Time” at karaoke.

Rafael Nadal is pissed that you don’t think he is a golden god.

Princess Beatrice loves all of your hat jokes. Keep ’em coming!

After this, Maria Sharapova is going to go home and watch ten episodes of Glee.

Petra Kvitova’s hair would like to have its own career, and is holding a press conference later.

Novak Djokovic does the robot.

Andy Murray says: “What is this? I don’t even.”

Marion Bartoli made this same face the time she was barefoot in the yard and stepped on a slug.

Where is that glass of wine Pippa Middleton did not ask for? Why doesn’t anyone anticipate her needs?

Images via Getty.

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