A Close Look at This Peloton Instructor’s Five-Day Wedding ‘Experience’

This weekend I watched with seething jealousy as my favorite instructors celebrated the nuptials of Ally Love.

A Close Look at This Peloton Instructor’s Five-Day Wedding ‘Experience’

I do not consider myself a person who experiences FOMO because I am incredibly boring and when I see people doing something fun or interesting I just imagine that it must be very tiring and return to my knitting projects. However, this weekend Peloton instructor Ally Love began an extravagant celebration of her marriage to her new husband Andrew, which she chose to call a “five-day curated experience.” And as I tapped through some of the most entertaining Insta stories I’ve seen in a while I must admit that I experienced a twinge of envy.

This party—ahem, “experience”—had everything: fashion, dancing, outfit changes, gowns galore. Tragically, it did not include me sitting in a corner snapping photos every time Cody Rigsby made a move.

Cody learning to hold Athena, the young hustler birthed by Robin Arzon, is both fascinating and fashionable. I mean, the baby’s outfit, Tunde’s outfit, Cody’s…banana hammock. It’s all too adorable to be real.

Also let’s closely examine another outfit Cody wore for this event, which is simply a pair of patterned red parents. Cody, BFF, did you not pack any shirts in your suitcase?

But the true star was obviously Ally Love, who had multiple all-white ‘fits to match all of the theme parties she hosted during the week of events that surrounded her wedding and reception.

There was a simple look to welcome her guests, a slightly more glam look for welcome-night drinks, a Miami night look, and two stunning numbers for Carnival night.

The Carnival outfits were my personal favorites:

Honestly, as much as I am enjoying the scraps that the Peloton instructors have been throwing me from this weekend, I’m going to need Ally to produce a feature-length wedding film and release that shit in IMAX with a banging soundtrack. Please, Ally—curate a three-hour experience for all the people invested in being a part of this wedding but who don’t want to hear about it while doing a Tabata ride with you.

If you know you know.

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