A Complete Guide To Ranty Mel Gibson Mashups


It’s difficult to listen to the heavy-breathing tirades from noted bigot and abusive husband Mel Gibson. But the internet thrives on finding humor in darkness, and the YouTube nation is making quite the cringe-y effort in that regard.

Double Rainbow Dude was so happy. But Mel, it would seem, does not take mushrooms and therefore does not like rainbows. Way to ruin double rainbows (and so many other things), asshole.

The most obvious and noted approach here is a mashup of Mel’s call with fellow nasty screamer Christian Bale. It’s a double threat — literally! Ladies, amirite?

If this incident didn’t get the cat-video treatment, the internet would have failed us all.

Mel yells at Miss Piggy. This one actually makes your childhood heart ache.

Are you still able to listen to this shit? If so, the Apocalypse Now version is pretty apt.

Here’s one of the better(?) dance remixes. Doesn’t hearing William Wallace pant like a rabid dog make you wanna cut a rug?

Mel Gibson Calls Colin Farrell from Mel Gibson

A contribution starring Colin Farrell, courtesy of the folks at Funny or Die.

Since Downfall‘s Hitler Reacts To [Major Event] videos have been banned, Mel Reacts To Lebron was a given. Depending on how you feel about Lebron’s recent media blitz, you could argue that both men are facepalmingly awful.

When these tapes started coming out, my mind weirdly went to thinking about What Women Want, the irony of that film in particular. Nice to have that train of thought visualized? Eh.

Mel Gibson does have the distinction of giving voice to a claymation chicken in Chicken Run. Twice, now. The fact that this version attaches his rant to an animal might make also it the most accurate.

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