A Dispatch From The Red Carpet Premiere Of RuPaul's Drag Race


Tuesday night, there was a RPDR season two event in LA. Since I’m in New York, I enlisted my boys on the West Coast to attend and report back. A note from them and additional pix, after the jump.

Like any fond memory of an 80’s dance club or prom, a smile emerges when reminiscing about the smell of hairspray, make-up as abstract art, shiny outfits and happy songs. RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 launch party was just that. A night filled with glamor, glitz and teeth! The contestants walked the red carpet primping and posing, insuring all the paparazzi captured the million dollar glamour shot. They were the perfect mannequins come to life. RuPaul strolled on in donning a plaid suit, fedora and a red flower on the lapel. Work. Make no mistake, the girls loved watching themselves as the first episode played on the plethora of screens in the bar. They loved laughing at each other — as any good reality show cuts, edits and produces scenes where people look less than zero. Pandora, Sonique, Morgan, Sahara and Nicole may now be stars but they were still working girls last night. We left with a smile on our face and a renewed faith in society. Girls just wanna have fun. And why not?
Yours truly,
Nik and Jeffrey
Honorary Jezebels

Project Runway alum and RPDR judge Santino Rice, with that infamous look on his face.

Of course Phoebe Price was there. She never misses a red carpet!

RPDR 2 contestant Sahara Davenport lashes out.

RPDR 2 contestant Pandora Boxx emits a warm glow.

RPDR judge and Launch My Line contestant Merle Ginsberg, with her buddy Thai, also from Launch My Line.

Based on makeup alone, we’re predicting RPDR 2 contestant Morgan Michaels is gonna go far in the competition.

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