A Grace Coddington Biopic Is Finally Coming


Grace Coddington, creative director at Vogue and fashion’s true breakout star, is about to become an even bigger name than she’s ever been before. The style icon and former model has just sold the rights to her memoir Grace to A24.

Coddington, who became a mainstream pop culture icon after being featured in The September Issue (an excellent voguementary), published her memoir shortly after the film was released. And while she’s excited that people are interested in her story—and a little bemused by the fact that people are dressing as her and Anna Wintour for Halloween—Coddington has no idea when the movie will be in theaters, telling Fashionista that movies are “a very slow business.”

A24 nabbed the rights to Coddington’s story after talks of turning the memoir into a movie or TV show proved unsuccessful at Sony. The company is also responsible for such critically-acclaimed movies as The Bling Ring and Ex Machina, so there’s a good possibility that this film will actually be quite good.

No actress has been tapped to play Coddington in the movie adaptation yet, but it sounds like an excellent role for anyone trying to win an Oscar.

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