A Handy Guide to the 2022 Emmy Nominees

From the no-brainers (Succession) to happy surprises (Yellowjackets!), here are this year's nominees and our picks to win.

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Photo: Michael Loccisano (Getty Images)

Remember this spring, when every weekend brought at least two or three buzzy new shows, each with a cast full of big names and often adapting a familiar ripped-from-the-headlines story? There was The Staircase, The Dropout, Inventing Anna, Under the Banner of Heaven, Pam & Tommy, The Girl from Plainville, Gaslit, The Thing About Pam, WeCrashed, Candy, and probably more—who could keep track?

Since then, it feels like the release of Big Shows has slowed, and it’s all thanks to one factor: The Emmys. Eligibility for this year’s awards had a cut-off date of May 31st, hence a spring so full of glossy, starry releases that it was pretty much impossible to keep up with them all.

On Tuesday, we finally found out whether or not it all paid off, as the Television Academy announced the 2022 Emmy nominees. So how did it all work out for the numerous but largely forgettable members of the true-crime adaptation crowd? What about the smaller, more surprising hits like Yellowjackets and Severance? Take a gander at our guide to the nominees.

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