A NY Restaurant is Selling a $1000 Ice Cream Sundae With Jewelry

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Hot on the heels of a Chicago restaurant attempting to peddle a $100 Grilled Cheese sandwich, New York eatery Bagetelle is selling a $1000 ice cream sundae, complete with a side of jewelry. God, we’re a terrible species.

Bagatelle has apparently titled this monstrosity the “Malboussin Mega Sundae,” and it just went on sale. Technically, since the ring, a Malboussin band made of black steel and white gold, is itself priced at $530, the dessert costs only $470 — clearly, a bargain-bin level for an iced treat. The ring, as Eater NY points out, is “somewhat disappointingly served on the side instead of buried like treasure in the fudge sauce.” Apparently, Serendipity, another New York prime example of the folly of man restaurant has been selling a $1000 sundae for years, although the market crash put a bit of a crimp in sales of the item. Which, you know, it would, since IT’S A FUCKING $1000 SUNDAE. Even the Koch brothers wouldn’t pay that much for an ice cream sundae unless it came with a side of disadvantaged orphan flambee.

Ahem. Anyway, the Bagatelle version consists of scoops of the always-pricey vanilla ice cream (SUCH DECADENCE) and Dom Perignon Rose sorbet topped with chocolate truffles (because of COURSE anything this ludicrously overpriced was going to feature the word “truffles” somewhere in there), macarons, whipped cream, chocolate vodka sauce, gold leaf (because we all know desserts that don’t feature unnecessary gold leaf topping are for paupers), and something called “gilded brownies.”

“Gilded Brownies.” Gilded. So, on the list of “items that it makes no sense to gild,” where do you think brownies rank? Above or below toilet seats? Has to be above, right? I mean, at least a gilded toilet seat can be used again. Probably still below gilded doggie poop bags, though — but only just.

I keep telling you this shit is America’s “crazy Roman opulence” period, but none of you believed me before. Anyway, I give it a week before Dominique Ansel tries to cross-breed it with a croissant.

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