A Series of Small Victories From Election Night

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Image: Michael B. Thomas (Getty Images)

I’m neither a pollster of a politician, so I will skip the pleasantries: Who fucking knows what the results of our ongoing presidential election will be. Currently, it seems pretty bad man!

Regardless, victories were had for Democrats last night, which is an objectively good thing. With an uncontrolled pandemic decimating the country, however, election night looked a bit different, with most Democratic candidates opting for socially distanced appearances over blow-out victory parties. (Their Republican challengers, meanwhile, felt no such qualms.)

Below are just a few of those victories. Among them, the historic wins of Ritchie Torres and Mondaire Jones of New York, who will be the first openly gay Black men elected to Congress. New York also celebrated other exciting victories, like Jamaal Bowman’s win and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s re-election, while in Missouri, progressive frontrunner Cori Bush nabbed a seat in the House, making her the first Black woman to represent Missouri in Congress. She led the vote with 84 percent when AP called the race at 10:30 ET time.

Elsewhere, “squad” member Ilhan Omar won re-election in Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District by landslide, as did Ayanna Pressley in Massachusetts 7th Congressional District. For now, these are the victories to remember, as the nation heads into a week of uncertainty

Captions provided by AP and Getty.

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