A Suggestion: Let Cardi B Do the Entire Super Bowl Halftime Show


There’s a very good chance that Cardi B’s going to play the Super Bowl halftime show in February, joining headliners Maroon 5 onstage for her guest verse on “Girls Like You.” On Monday, TMZ reported that they’re very close to locking her down. The only problem is that she reportedly wants more than just a special guest appearance on a Maroon 5 song—she wants her own solo set somewhere in the middle of Maroon 5’s set, performing her own material. We here at Jezebel say, yes. Do that. But also, why stop there? Why not just give Cardi the entire halftime show?

She has the hits (“Bodak Yellow,” “I Like It,” “Be Careful,” “Bartier Cardi”), she brings the fashion, and everyone likes her except perhaps Nicki Minaj. Meanwhile, what has Adam Levine ever done for me? Not say anything when Cynthia Nixon ran for governor on the sweet, sweet promise of trains, trains, trains? Not called me up just to see how I’m doing when I’m feeling bad? Not given me money? Not shown me his junk? No thanks, Mr. Pranks! I’d rather have Cardi.

As a trans woman who lives in New York and works in media, I think it’s safe to say that my social circles are universally representative of the entire nation, and my social circles are telling me “who cares!” when it comes to Maroon 5’s Super Bowl set. Love yourself, NFL. It’s not too late. Give Cardi the halftime show. Let Adam Levine sub in for Nicki’s “MotorSport” verse. Pay me a consultation fee. Super Bowl good now.

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