A Tiny Blog On Some New Terrace House Fashion That I Like


Dedicated fans of Japanese reality show Terrace House don’t even need to verbalize how good the fashion is on the panel hosts, from the avant-garde sweaters and quirky mix-and-match looks of comedians Ryota Yamasato and Azusa Babazono to the cut-off rock tees of den mother and former pop music icon You. But Netflix dropped Season 5 of Terrace House: Opening New Doors this week, and I just want to pay special dedication to a little accessory You brought to the table.

This season was filmed in summer as indicated by everyone’s breezy ensembles, and You came through with a leopard-print pajama pant and a light, silky blouse. By her standards, this is pretty conservative, but the piéce de résistance was how she accessorized: with a handy and useful clear pouch necklace that turned her Barack Obama-wrapped Juul into a little tech accessory. Obviously I texted about 15 people when I noticed this, encompassing everyone in my various Terrace House group chats, and dropped it in Gizmodo Media Group’s companywide Terrace House Slack room. (To those who feel judgey about vaping, I must say: Would you rather I smoke?) I have lost approximately two Juuls in the last year, and they’re not cheap; what better way to keep track of the little homie than just by flossing him around the neck?

That said, the Juul pouch is not the best thing You has ever worn. The best thing You has ever worn appeared on Season 4, and it was this button-down paying tribute to fallen rap and R&B stars, including Aaliyah, Eazy E, what I believe to be Big Pun, and possibly Pimp C. I have been googling it since October, if anyone wants to clue me in on who makes it and where to purchase it!

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