Active Shooter Engaged in Hours-Long Standoff with Police in San Diego  


A man has been barricaded in an apartment complex near the San Diego airport since around 9 am Wednesday morning, “firing sporadically,” according to police. As of 2:30 pm, planes are not being permitted to land at the airport. No injuries have been reported.

The Associated Press reports that the officers responding to a domestic violence call at the complex this morning heard gunshots. The suspect is believed to be armed with a long-range rifle. It’s unknown if he’s alone in the apartment.

SWAT teams have been dispatched to the area, and residents are being instructed to stay away from their windows. The AP reports that departures from San Diego International are permitted, but inbound flights are being redirected. Two nearby elementary schools are also on lockdown.

Elsewhere in California today, a student at UC Merced stabbed five people before he was shot and killed by police. All five victims were reportedly conscious after the attack and airlifted to the hospital.

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