Addison Rae’s Dad Says He and Addison Rae’s Mom, Who Dated Yung Gravy, Divorced ‘Months Ago’

There's no word yet on whether the ex-spouses will be having Thanksgiving together, nor do we know if Mr. Gravy will be in attendance.

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Addison Rae’s Dad Says He and Addison Rae’s Mom, Who Dated Yung Gravy, Divorced ‘Months Ago’
From left to right: Monty Lopez, Sheri Easterling, Addison Rae, and Enzo Lopez. Photo:Vivien Killilea (Getty Images)

In today’s episode of “I’m Not Sure Why We Care About This, But We Absolutely Do,” the parents of TikToker Addison Rae are feuding again. Parents of a Louisiana “girl next door” star acting messy as hell while their daughter stays talented and hard-working? Haven’t heard that one before. Alright, put your thinking caps on, because I’m about to introduce several names that ultimately do not matter but that you will need to know for the purposes of decoding the clusterfuck that is Addison Rae’s family life.

Addison Rae’s dad, Monty Lopez, told Page Six on Wednesday that he divorced Sheri Easterling, Addison Rae’s mom, “a couple months ago.”

“Our divorce is finalized. What I can do from here on out, I can move forward,” Lopez said in a joint interview with his new girlfriend, Renée Ash, from his mother’s house in Lafayette, Louisiana. “You have to figure, we’ve been separated for over two years now.”

Now, that timeline matters because Lopez faced cheating allegations after 26-year-old Ash (who is, shocker, an influencer) said in July that she had been dating Lopez for five months. Clarifying the two years of separation seems to be Lopez trying to firmly shut the door on any last suspicion of cheating. Back to this guy in a second.

Normally, I’d recommend not giving a baby rat’s ass about these D-list divorcees. But their mess is interesting because of their connection to TikTok superstar and coulda-woulda-shoulda-been pop star Addison Rae—and, crucially, because Mama Easterling made waves at the end of August when she hit the VMAs red carpet with rapper Yung Gravy, with whom Easterling coordinated outfits and made out. Who Yung Gravy is and the nature of his career are not really important save for the fact that Easterling is 43, Yung Gravy is 26, and Addison is 22.

But before that kinda kismet, kinda disgusting red carpet moment took place, Lopez made things ugly. In early August, Yung Gravy appeared on the BFFs podcast, and was asked about his “MILF thing,” a reference to one of his songs titled “Martha Stewart.” Yung Gravy revealed on the pod that he and Easterling had met via DMs and sent videos back and forth, and that she wanted to go on a picnic date with the rapper and, allegedly, bake him biscuits. (His wording, not mine, and I absolutely refuse to get into whether this is a euphemism.)

In response to Yung Gravy thirsting over Easterling, Lopez posted a video threatening the rapper, challenging him to a boxing duel, and snarling “run white boy, run.” In response, Yung Gravy responded with his own TikTok video, saying, “I’m a grown man. I’m not going to fight you over TikTok drama. You’ve got one of the most successful daughters in the world and you decide to act half her age to try to get some attention while embarrassing your whole family.”

OK. Catch your breath, and then fast-forward to the present day. After all of this embarrassing behavior on both parents’ parts, Lopez is now ready to talk publicly about the divorce, saying he is ready to “move forward.” Aside from Addison, the couple shared sons Enzo, 15, and Lucas, 9, and Lopez says he wanted to keep the separation quiet to protect the public’s “concept” of their family. (My dude, I’m not sure that “concept” has held any water for quite a while.)

As Page Six noted in August, Rae was “mortified” by headlines about her parents’ relationship squabbles. “Addison has seen her parents go through a lot of ups and downs over the years, but everything going on right now has been particularly overwhelming for her,” a source said at the time.

Today, Addison still doesn’t follow her dad on Instagram, but Lopez says there’s nothing to see here! “We’re good, man. It’s my daughter. I talked to her last week,” he said. “She’s open-minded. My boys, they’re still young whereas Addison, she’s 22. She’s been through a lot more than the 15-year-old and the 9-year-old.”

Lopez also claimed that Addison is “not bothered” by his relationship with Ash, who is much closer in age to his daughter than to himself. “She was never bothered with it… By the time we talked about it, whenever I guess the shit was hitting the fan, you know, we had already not lived in the same house for almost a year and a half.”

Here’s to hoping the extended (former) Rae-Easterling-Lopez family isn’t all seated at the same table come tomorrow—or if they are, that someone makes a lot of jokes about passing the gravy.

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