Adele, What’s Good?? Peppa Pig Speaks Out After Crooner’s Cold Shoulder

The tall and talented cartoon pig girl confronted the singer during a radio interview on Friday.

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Adele, What’s Good?? Peppa Pig Speaks Out After Crooner’s Cold Shoulder

How tall is Adele? Google tells me 5’9″. That’s tall for a human woman, of course, but in cartoon pig girl terms it’s very short! Which is why it makes no sense for Adele to be so dismissive of Peppa Pig, her fellow British chanteuse, who, as everyone knows, clocks in at an imperious 7’1″.

Like… Who do you think would win in a fight? Hello!

Ignoring all common sense, Adele recently told fans quite publicly(!) on an Instagram live stream that she was NOT going to collaborate with Peppa Pig, whose most recent album landed a respectable 6.5 from Pitchfork, nor would she ever!

Peppa confronted Adele over the slight while the latter was conducting an interview with 95-106 The Capitol on Friday, Today reports, telling her that it “made me really, really sad when you said you wouldn’t collaborate with me. Why not? Don’t you like me?”

“Peppa, I’ve already said today I regret it,” Adele said in apology—very wise of her, in my opinion!!!! “I felt terrible the second I said it.”

  • In other Adele news, the singer says that she and Drake are actually very good friends (not just “friends” who stunt for the paparazzi together every now and then). Also, she says she played her upcoming album that doesn’t come out till next month, for him, and he was into it! Not that her albums have ever been poorly received, so, uh… Adele’s new album allegedly good! Scoop, I guess. [Hollywood Life]
  • Update on that film adaptation of Brandon Taylor’s novel, Real Life, which, last I heard, was both starring and produced by Kid Cudi. Jeremy O. Harris, the Tony-nominated playwright behind Slave Play who also co-wrote Zola, revealed that he’s also producing it. [Twitter]
  • Eve’s having a baby! [Bossip]
  • Following a COVID-19 diagnosis in July, Kelly Price says she’s “getting stronger every day.” [Bossip]
  • Surprise, surprise! Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s still a disgusting piece of shit. The Republican congresswoman said some gross, ignorant comments about how she thinks it’s hypocritical of the NBA to not let Kyrie Irving play ball on account of his refusal to get vaccinated against COVID despite having allowed Magic Johnson, who has been open about living with HIV since 1991, to compete. “What a dumbass,” tweeted Queer Eye star Jonathan Van Ness, who publicly disclosed his positive status two years ago. “HIV is sexually transmitted, not a respiratory virus—not to mention HIV+ folks who take [antiretroviral therapy] and are undetectable are untransmittable.” [Out]
  • Garcelle Beauvais LOVED how tough Andy Cohen was on Erika Jayne during the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. [Hollywood Life]
  • Despite his attempts to avoid a trial, Jussie Smollett’s court date has been set for late November. [Page Six]
  • And just to clear things up, the movie is about trowma:

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