Admit It: Megan Fox's Wedding Pics Are Pretty Damn Heartwarming

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  • Well shit. Love her or hate her, you cannot deny that Megan Fox looks amazing and happy in her beachy, pretty wedding pictures.

David Silver looks chiseled and handsome, too. Sigh. Video at the link. [ONTD via ET]

  • Victoria Beckham has jet lag and this is news. [Daily Express]
  • In court yesterday, Lindsay Lohan had the tiny words “fuck u” written on one fingernail. The nail on the middle finger, actually. A message for the judge? [WWTD]
  • Will Lindsay Lohan start getting wasted now that she’s headed for jail? [TMZ]
  • Lindsay Lohan takes painkillers, Ambien and Adderall. [TMZ]
  • Lindsay Lohan‘s dad plans to defend LL in court? That is sure to go well. [Daily Express]
  • Michael Lohan says drugs are killing Lindsay and she needs rehab and so on. [Radar Online]
  • Mary J. Blige recently earned her GED and now says that sometime in the next couple of years, she will attend college! She plans to go to Howard University where she’ll ace Awesome 101. [The Life Files]
  • Whee! Amy Winehouse did a surprise performance with Mark Ronson! [The Sun]
  • Jennifer Lopez accepted an invitation to celebrate her 41st birthday in Cyprus; but the trip is a “political minefield” because the Greeks and the Turks fucking hate each other. [Brisbane Times]
  • Will Taylor Lautner the Buff Werewolf be in the next X-Men flick? [Perez]
  • George Clooney will have to appear in court in Italy; three people are accused of using his name to promote a fashion show and a line of clothing. [Telegraph]
  • That Jehova’s Witness at your door might be Prince. “Sometimes people act surprised but mostly they’re really cool about it,” he says. But don’t expect him to be all glammed up: “My hair is capable of doing a lot of different things. I don’t always look like this.” [Daily Express]
  • OMG Justin Bieber‘s voice might be changing! What will happen then? Won’t someone think of the children? [E!]
  • Sadie Frost had some shit about her ex, Jude Law, in her forthcoming autobiography, so Jude took legal action against her. But now everything is settled and fine and the book will not include info about their “turbulent” marriage. [IMDB via WENN]
  • Paris Hilton partied with Leo DiCaprio in South Africa but the two “went their separate ways” in the end. [Page Six]
    It’s weird to think of Rob Lowe as a businessman, but it’s kind of cool he might buy Miramax films! [TMZ]
  • Jake says Vienna‘s tears were fake and she used eye drops for that Bachelor reunion showcase showdown bullshit. [Radar Online]
  • In Bachelorette news, Jillian and Ed are dunzo. [Us Magazine]
  • Whoopi Goldberg is considering a return to the stage in a London musical production of Sister Act. I had a joke about how stunting is a habit but it was lame so never mind. [Contact Music]
  • Julianne Moore‘s 30 Rock accent: From Howard Johnson’s . [NY Mag]
  • Perhaps this was inevitable: Jersey Shore workouts. In which you do the Jersey Strut (jog in place) and beat the floor. [NYDN]
  • Look for Desmond from Lost to be on at least two episodes of Law & Order SVU, brother. [New York Mag]
  • Trent Reznor‘s wife is pregnant. And just imagine what it would be like to have Trent Reznor as your dad. [Toronto Sun]
  • Danii Minogue is now the mother of a bouncing baby boy, Ethan Edward Smith. [BBC News]
  • You know how stars go, “What I really want to do is direct”? That is Kylie Minogue right now. [Daily Express]
  • At the link: A picture of Carrie Prejean walking down the aisle at her opposite marriage ceremony. [NYDN]
  • “She’s Britney Spears all over again. It’s happening right before our eyes. She’s definitely headed the Britney route. It’s worse. Look at those outfits. It’s bad.” — Katy Perry on Miley Cyrus. [ONTD via Life & Style]
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