After A Horrible Week, Let’s Just Look At Elephants

Elephant content is the only thing guaranteed to lower my blood pressure.

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Image: David Silverman / Contributor (Getty Images)

The past week has been utterly unbearable, and my only escape has been to lovingly gaze at adorable elephant calves frolicking around, trying to figure out what to do with their wild, unruly trunks while their attentive mothers shovel fresh greens into their mouths.

My addiction to elephant content began two years ago. The covid lockdown had me doomscrolling alone in my apartment, and for whatever reason, videos of these gentle giants and their calves provided a balm for my weary soul on the worst of days. Now, I still can’t tear myself away from their world: that comforting energy, those thick, lush eyelashes and calming eyes that seem to say, everything will be okay.

I often contemplate what life would be like if instead of a journalist, I were just an elephant, with a long, confusing arm of a nose, perpetually in search of leafy shrubs and little watering holes under the African sun. I’ve realized that I will never get be an elephant, quite like this man will never really get to be a border collie, as hard as he tries. But I will settle for the constant flow of soothing videos and heartwarming images that sweep me back into the only reality that feels good in this world.

Here is some elephant content, apropos of nothing, that I promise will lower your blood pressure immediately:

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