AHHH New Downton Abbey Trailers!!#!@%^#!!


The third series of Downton Abbey premieres in the United Kingdom next week and — by the power of Matthew’s ice blue husky eyes — they’ve released two new trailers to get us excited. The first, aired in Great Britain for ITV, seems to have taken The Social Network approach, setting a series of dramatic scenes to a children’s choir version of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day.” Of course, it it’s not a perfect day at Downtown — the estate is struggling financially and its occupants have their own fish to fry as the Crawley daughters navigate romance, the Dowager Countess faces competition from Shirley MacLaine for sassiest bitch on the block and Meeeehstah Baaaaayyyytes avoids getting shanked in prison.

The second trailer is via PBS (a consolation prize for those of us who have to wait to watch until January). It’s a little less juicy, but it does offer up a glimpse at the new Downton butler and some solid Maggie Smith quips. Hey, we’ll take what we can get over here.

New ‘Downton Abbey’ trailers: Why is everyone crying? [EW Insider]

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