Alaska Republicans Actually Laugh at the Mention of Civil Unions


If you ever wondered just where all that Republican derision for same-sex marriage comes from, this video of Alaska’s Republican-led House Majority Caucus giggling at the mere suggestion that they consider domestic partnerships for same-sex couples will pretty much answer that question: the GOP is crammed full of bigoted preadolescents.

On Friday, a reporter from Juneau Empire named Mark Miller asked if the litany of upcoming initiatives for the Majority Caucus includes civil unions or domestic partnerships for same-sex couples. Miller fumbles over his words while he’s querying the Caucus, so, in case you’re feeling inexplicably charitable towards Alaska Republicans, there’s a slight chance the Caucus members could be chuckling about Miller being tongue-tied. Odds are, though, they’re all just assholes scoffing at the notion of civil rights for all citizens, regardless of sexual preference.

Alaska Republicans Literally Laugh at Idea of Civil Unions [Towleroad]

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