Alec Baldwin Has Homophobic Twitter Temper Tantrum


ABC: Alec Baldwin Aways Be Calling People Homophobic Shit on Twitter.

In a move that would make John Francis Donaghy look like Mother Theresa, Alec Baldwin flipped out on Twitter because Daily Mail reporter George Stark wrote that Baldwin’s wife Hilaria Baldwin spent James Gandolfini’s funeral tweeting.

Big mistake, Stark. Huge.

Baldwin’s tweets have since been removed, but here’s the damage:


I get it — the Daily Mail is shit, and might’ve very well been lying, but WTF, Baldwin. I love him so much in so many things, and I know he gets off on being a dick and on being above the law, but fuck. this.

Oh well, I guess we can all expect to wake up to Glenn Beck saying Baldwin isn’t a homophobe and comparing him to JC Superstar.

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