Alexis Stewart Is Rude, Scary, Rude


Martha Stewart’s daughter Alexis was on Today this morning, talking about her book, Whateverland, which she wrote with Jennifer Koppelman Hutt. Alexis and Jennifer have since “broken up” as friends, which made for some interesting viewing.

There were two different segments in which Alexis and Jennifer had to sit next to each other — one around 8:15 and the other after 9:00am. In the first, Alexis said, “If you want to punish somebody, never talking to them again is a really good method.” Whoa. So is Alexis punishing Jennifer? And did you notice how, when Jennifer was talking, Alexis would not look at her? When pushed to describe what went wrong in the friendship, Alexis passive-aggressively said, “Some people are clingy.” Some people? Or the one sitting next to you? Jennifer quickly admitted, “I’m very clingy.” Also, Alexis thinks people who are super close to their families are “bizarre,” and Jennifer lives next door to her sister.

In the second hour, it became really obvious that Alexis has a problem with Jennifer and not vice versa. When NBC’s Savannah Guthrie pressed, “Something must have happened,” Alexis responded, “Nothing happened. One day you look at your husband, and you’re like, ugh.” Jennifer quipped, “That’s how she looked at me.” Also, Jennifer would be friends with Alexis, if she’d have her, but Alexis is soooo not interested. You get the feeling that Jennifer is better off without her.

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