All the Desperate Tactics Ohio Republicans Are Using Ahead of Tuesday’s Abortion Vote

Issue 1 would codify the right to an abortion in the state constitution and it's polling well, so conservatives are gaslighting Ohioans on what it means.


They’re acting like their dormant six-week ban doesn’t exist

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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) cut an ad for Protect Women Ohio, a coalition opposing Issue 1, in which he claimed that whether people are pro-choice or pro-life, the ballot measure is “just not right for Ohio.” And his wife, Fran, chimes in to say that “Issue 1 just goes too far.” What they don’t mention in the ad is that DeWine himself signed a six-week abortion ban in 2019—it’s currently blocked but the state Supreme Court could let it take effect at any time. If voters pass Issue 1 and protect abortion in the state constitution, there’s no legal basis for the ban to stand. If Issue 1 fails, there’s nothing stopping the ban from taking effect. reported that groups who supported the six-week ban in the past have “begun to act like it doesn’t exist” as Election Day approaches. Anti-abortion advocates are instead dancing around the issue, or telling voters that abortion is legal through 22 weeks, which is only true for now. Protect Women Ohio wrote on Twitter that “Voting against Issue 1 will not ban abortion in Ohio. Ohio’s current reasonable abortion laws would remain the same.” These are lies of omission.

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