All the Desperate Tactics Ohio Republicans Are Using Ahead of Tuesday’s Abortion Vote

Issue 1 would codify the right to an abortion in the state constitution and it's polling well, so conservatives are gaslighting Ohioans on what it means.

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Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R), Secretary of State Frank LaRose (R), and First Lady Fran DeWine Screenshot: YouTube

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, anti-abortion activists and lawmakers celebrated the ruling for giving power back to the states. But now that voters in several states have chosen to keep abortion legal, conservatives are shitting their pants and doing everything they can to try to poison the well of direct democracy. Ohio is the next state that will vote on abortion, with an election wrapping up on November 7, and opponents’ frantic efforts to try to block Issue 1 from passing have gotten truly desperate in the final weeks.

Issue 1 would codify the right to choose an abortion in the state constitution, and would also enshrine the right to make decisions about birth control, miscarriage care, and fertility treatment; the pro-choice position is voting “yes.” Conservatives probably thought they had this one in the bag because Democrats have struggled in statewide races in Ohio, and Issue 1 asks people to affirmatively vote for abortion rights, versus rejecting further restrictions. (Other pro-choice victories in red states like Kansas and Kentucky have come via such “no” votes.)

But it turns out people like access to abortion in Ohio: a conservative effort to thwart the ballot measure failed in August and Issue 1 is currently polling with 58% support. So, cue the hysterical efforts to try to tank it.

Here are all the things conservatives have done to mislead voters about the amendment itself and what’s at stake if people vote no. As you’ll see, it’s a whole lot of nonsense...but voting doesn’t close for another week, so unfortunately there’s probably more to come.

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