​All The Single Ladies Are Taking the In Vitro Fertilization Route


A new study by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority in the UK shows that the number of single women opting to undergo in vitro fertilization has doubled. Excuse me while I grab some popcorn and Red Vines so that I may more properly enjoy the ensuing conservative banshees mourning the sexecution of the “family unit.”

While the number of single women seeking IVF in the UK is at a mere 2.3%, it looks like they come from pretty diverse backgrounds as Professor Geeta Nargund, the medical director of a private fertility clinic, describes. Via Sunday Times:

“Women are taking control of their own reproduction as much as they took control when the oral contraceptive pill was introduced…We are seeing [everyone from] affluent career women to women who have no money and their parents or grandparents are paying for them.”

This all seems like a fairly normal and predictable result of women, you know, having more of a say in their own lives and reproductive health and whatnot. And it’s a wonderful reminder that we can take dumb standardized idea of “having it all”—the insinuation that women must struggle to make sure they have a degree, life partner/provider, career, children, and book club (in that order)—that has weaved its way into all forms of media and all walks of life, and set it the fuck on fire in the name of “You do you.”

Image via AP.

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