Amanda Bynes Banned from Ritz Carlton for Telling Clerk She's ‘Too Ugly’

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In the continuing saga of Shit Bynes Does, Amanda Bynes was kicked out of the Ritz Carlton for allegedly smoking tons of weed and making the front desk clerk cry. For her part, Bynes says that she does not smoke weed and she checked out of the Ritz because she felt like it. Gahd.

Our sources say Amanda was a nightmare from the get-go, smoking weed everyday despite warnings from hotel staff. We’re told Amanda tried using spray chemicals to mask the weed smell.

But that’s not it … we’re told Amanda was unspeakably rude to the hotel staff, telling the front desk girl she was “too ugly” to check her in. We’re told Amanda then offered her plastic surgeon’s services to the desk girl in question … and the tears started flowing.

The bad behavior continued until Thursday …. Amanda was scheduled to check out at noon, but the hotel staff had had enough … and kicked her out several hours before mandatory check out.

Bynes is reportedly on a plane back to L.A. Ugly people, gird your loins. [TMZ]

Kanye West punched a paparazzo at the airport.

“Kanye came out of the terminal and attacked the videographer by allegedly grabbing his shoulders and punched him. The paramedics were called to the scene and [the victim] was rushed to the hospital.”
Kanye was reportedly leaving the terminal with a bodyguard when one photographer started peppering him with questions. Kanye famously warned an inquisitive photographer last week, “Don’t talk to me ever,” so he wasn’t happy to have his demands ignored.

That gif is the best thing. It’s just my favorite thing. I just love it. [Radar]

The rapper Webbie says that god set George Zimmerman free.

“I can’t see me saying, ‘Man y’all should put him in jail’… No I’m gonna leave that to God’s hands,” the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, rapper told MTV News on Thursday. “God blessed him. God watched him and God didn’t want to put him in there with the animals in the jungle.”

No. I am 99% sure that is not what happened. [MTV]

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  • Let’s just be done.
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