Amanda Palmer Gleefully Takes Down The Daily Mail In NSFW Waltz


We’ve had our ups and downs with Amanda Palmer around here, but there’s no question that she’s a powerful voice in subversive feminist discourse. During a performance at London’s Roundhouse, Palmer responded in song to an article by the Daily Mail in late June that snapped a shot of her breast “escaping” (their words) from her bra while she was onstage at the Glastonbury Festival. (She’s made “a boob of herself!” Hurrr durr.)

The Mail, of course, is known for its “sidebar of shame,” which specializes in such leering, not to mention the important regulation of the age limit of crop tops. Anyway, this is Palmer’s live rendition of her new song “Dear Daily Mail,” a fun, eloquent smackdown in 3/4 time.

[Jezebel inbox]

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