Amber Rose Files For Divorce From Wiz Khalifa; Love Is Officially Dead


TMZ reports that Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa are splitsville.

That sound you hear is that of all hope for love officially croaking, not with a whimper but with a completely devastating crraaaaackkkk louder than Texas-sized blocks of ice melting off a glacier. Yes, I just equated Wiz and Amber splitting up with global warming on the day of the UN’s climate change summit, whatever, feelings are complicated and my heart is hurting. WHYYYYYYY.

According to TMZ, it was Amber who filed, and is seeking full custody of their one-year-old son, Sebastian, who by the way is unfairly overlooked in the Blue-Nori-Sebastian triumvirate of babies who are poised to inherit the world. TMZ also reports that there is a prenup intact, which Amber is not contesting, but the split is far from amicable due to “infidelity” “buzz.”

To say we are devastated is an understatement. To say we are blindsided is beyond. Earlier this month, Amber Insta’d this photo of their wedding with the caption, “Happy 27th birthday @mistercap I’ll love you forever… Hope this year is an amazing one for u sweetheart.”

And just two weeks ago, she posted THIS: “I can’t even”

How did it come to this? Out of all the celebrity unions, this was the one that seemed most likely to last. How can this world be so cruel?

Lede image via Getty.

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