AMC Theaters to Marathon All Eight Best Picture Nominees


Good news, cinephiles. You have one big chance to see all the 2015 Academy Award Best Picture nominees in a theater before Oscar night.

AMC theaters is here to save you from spending another moment using IMDB quotes to fake it through a discussion on Boyhood because you have haven’t seen it yet. The theater chain is having its annual Best Picture Showcase marathon, giving you a chance to see all of the films at once, if your heart so desires. Via Slashfilm:

AMC has all the details up at their website. For those who choose sane, sensible, boring option, AMC is showing The Grand Budapest Hotel, Whiplash, Birdman, and Selma on Saturday, February 14 and Boyhood, The Theory of Everything, The Imitation Game, and American Sniper on Saturday, February 21.
Tickets for a single day cost $35 each, or you can save $5 by buying tickets for both….The eight-film option takes place on Saturday, February 21. The day kicks off with Boyhood at 10 AM, and ends around 5:30 AM after The Grand Budapest Hotel.

The AMC website has info on participating theaters in each city. If you have $65 and are planning to marathon both days in any city, you will forever be my personal hero. I have seen most of these films already, but the chance to see something like Whiplash again on a big screen is pretty tempting indeed.

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