American Apparel Now Accessorizing Mannequins With Full Bush


This may be the most stereotypically American Apparel thing that American Apparel has ever done. A downtown Manhattan outpost now has a trio of mannequins in its window, clad in just translucent white underwear—all of them with a substantial thatch of pubic hair.

Just FYI in case you take your grooming cues from Dov Charney.

And no, this is not some prank engineered by a cheeky NYU student. Gothamist called the East Houston location and confirmed:

We called the shop up this morning and the employee who answered told us that the mannequins just went up last night, and he had never seen them before… “not in this configuration”

A brief perusal shows that the website is also bristling with pubes. The bush lives!

Frankly, I’m surprised it took ’em this long.

Images courtesy Gothamist

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