American Apparel Spurts Its Stuff All Over Pregnant Women

I honestly don’t know whether to love or loathe the new American Apparel pregnant lady ads.

On the one hand: Almost everything AA touches has a hint of sleaze. The sexy/sexist ads, the clothes designed to make you look like a fat hooker, the “tribal” patterns, the company’s creepy creator & CEO.

But on the other hand, motherhood is a weird subject. We live in a culture in which giving birth means a woman turns into a “mom” and wears “mom jeans” and is always a perfect bastion of morality. She’s not supposed to wear short skirts or go clubbing (coughDinaLohancough) or rock a spandex jumpsuit or purple knee-high socks. Right?

So is it kind of cool to see “trendy” images of motherhood, or do these AA ads reek of the stench of exploitation we come to expect from American Apparel and its spokesbottoms?

American Apparel: Expecting Looks [Official Site]

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