American Apparel Stock Plummets To New Historic Lows

  • American Apparel‘s stock is tumbling this morning, following news that the company’s dodgy accounting has caught the eye of the U.S. Attorney’s office. It’s currently trading at 0.83. [AMEX:APP]
  • Dov says: “The capital structure issues will work themselves out.” [WWD]
  • The New York Daily News thinks the fact that Julia Roberts (42), Halle Berry (44), Jennifer Aniston, and Jennifer Lopez (both 41) each made the September cover of a major American fashion magazine means that “40 is nothing to fear.” [NYDN]
  • Add to that the fact that V featured 39-year-old Stella Tennant in an editorial for its September issue, and fashion is totally sending the message that aging is okay. (If you’re a model or a celebrity!) [StyleList]
  • Another thing to DVR this coming fashion week, in addition to the Sundance Channel Full Frontal Fashion documentaries, the CBS special report on Fashion’s Night Out, and The Girl Who Gossips “Very Special Fashion’s Night Out Episode: Revenge Of The Crinoline”: Martha Stewart is hosting a one-hour special on the Hallmark channel called “The Women Who Dress America.” Those women would be Donna Karan, Diane von Furstenberg, Tory Burch, and J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons. [UPI]
  • The union that represents New York stagehands, which has a contract with fashion week’s new venue, Lincoln Center, is upset that event organizers IMG do not intend to use union labor to erect their tents and sets. Lincoln Center believes that because IMG merely leasing the space, it isn’t subject to the Center’s labor contract, and it’s not clear whether that contract specifically requires the use of union labor when events are held in Damrosch Park — although it has traditionally been the case. Negotiations are ongoing, but the venue set-up for the shows is set to start any day now. Please let there not be a picket line at fashion week. [WSJ]
  • Lauren Conrad modeled “her” fall collection for Kohl’s. [People]
  • An eyebrowless Gisele Bündchen, a multiply pierced Agyness Deyn, and a luminous Lauren Hutton each have a fall cover of LOVE. So does an awesomely creepy looking doll. []
  • Taylor Momsen, musician: “People think pop is rock, and the lines are getting blurred. Now Rihanna‘s wearing f——— leather jackets, and it’s really annoying.” [MTV]
  • And now Scarlett Johansson is wearing black lipstick and leather bustiers in ads for Dolce & Gabbana cosmetics; truly, what is the world coming to when “rock chick” is just a faddish style to be adopted, commercialized, and discarded at will? Thank goodness artists like Taylor Momsen exist to share their authentic voices with the world. [Quem]
  • The Pink Panthers? A De Beers boutique and an Omega store were robbed of around $600,000 in fine jewelry and watches last night in London. Four suspects arrived in a BMW on Saturday night, broke through the luxury shopping center’s padlocked gates, and then made a getaway in the same car. [WWD]
  • MAC and Rodarte’s ill-conceived makeup collection — that would be the one inspired by Juarez, the most violent place on earth that is not actually a declared war zone, where by some estimates thousands of women, mostly maquiladora workers, have been murdered since the early 1990s — has been canceled. The collection, with colors named things like “Factory” and “Ghost Town,” will not be released “out of respect for our the people of Mexico, the women and girls of Juarez and their families, as well as our MAC Mexican staff and colleagues,” says MAC. The beauty brand’s promised donation to a local women’s charity (part of its PR damage control) will still be given out. [Elle UK]
  • A Hong Kong labor rights group is calling on Wal-Mart to investigate one of its Chinese suppliers after a rash of industrial accidents that have cost workers limbs and fingers. [WWD]
  • As regards that “tiniest waist ever” trailer, Tyra Banks says that “America’s Next Top Model” — her own show — “released a trailer that was edited in way that misconstrued our overarching message.” And she wants everyone to know that she didn’t see the clip before it was released, and she is very, very sorry, because she knows what it’s like to be ridiculed and objectified and that is so not what Tyra is about. Tyra believes in promoting all kinds of different healthy body types and shapes, which is why she hosts a reality show. [Grazia]
  • Model/rockstar spawn Georgia May Jagger is topless in her latest jeans campaign. [Vogue UK]
  • Elle MacPherson: “I eat like it’s going out of fashion really.” Really. [Daily Mail]
  • Tim Gunn, on Michelle Obama: “I don’t have the adequate words to tell people how fabulous I think [she] is.” [People]
  • Model Coco Rocha Tweeted the first full-length picture of her Zac Posen wedding dress to be made public. It’s really pretty. [@Oh_So_Coco]
  • Makeup use among women aged 18-64 has declined by 5% since 2008, according to a survey. But it might be because everyone is unemployed. [WWD]
  • Gen Art, the New York-based nonprofit that worked to promote emerging fashion designers and filmmakers until it became insolvent earlier this year, may be revived from its bankruptcy. The organization is in acquisition talks with potential companies including Gilt, IMG, and Hachette Publications. [Crain’s]
  • Speaking of Gilt, the discount flash sale site will be hawking gear from Target‘s upcoming designer collaborations this September and October — before said collaborations actually land in stores. So if you’re really excited for the Tucker for Target collection, and the Mulberry for Target collection, um, mark your calendars. [WWD]
  • Julia Restoin-Roitfeld says she and her brother, Vladimir, don’t tease their mother, Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld, about the fact that they both made Vanity Fair‘s best-dressed list, and she didn’t. [Grazia]
  • Abercrombie & Fitch‘s second quarter results show a return to profitability, but the retailer is still planning to close 60 unprofitable stores this year, with another 50 closures slated for next 2011. [WWD]
  • T has published a photo of what is believed to be possibly the last dress Alexander McQueen himself touched before he committed suicide this February. It is a white silk charmeuse gown with silver feathers at its neckline, and it is gorgeous. [T]
  • Or maybe the last thing he designed was this…rug collection for a British rug company. Is it a competition? Because that would be incredibly tasteless. [W]
  • Here, in glorious video, is a diamond-covered Snoopy figurine that costs $425,000. Pish posh: Our ruby-encrusted Hello Kitty doll was a cool mill. [TLF]
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