Amy Coney Barrett's Alleged Church Quietly Scrubs Her Existence from Its Website

Amy Coney Barrett's Alleged Church Quietly Scrubs Her Existence from Its Website

Despite what Donald Trump may have said during last night’s shitshow, it’s extremely clear where Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett stands on abortion (hard no) and womens’ rights in general (hard no). Now, a small charismatic Christian church called People of Praise has been found to have quietly scrubbed evidence of its affiliation with Barrett from its website ahead of her confirmation hearings.

While People of Praise might not explicitly have served as inspiration for the Handmaid’s Tale, its tenets are quite similar: In addition to staunchly opposing abortion, it also holds that men are “divinely”ordained as the head of the family, which translates to the group’s leaders teaching that wives “must submit to the will of their husbands,” the AP reports.

An analysis from the news organization shows that People of Praise first erased “numerous” references to Barrett and her family from its website in 2017, which is when Barrett was shortlisted for the seat that memorably went to Brett Kavanaugh. When Barrett again emerged as a top pick for the court last week, even more articles, blogposts and photos disappeared. According to the AP:

Former female members of the group told AP earlier this week that wives were expected to obey their husband’s wishes in all matters, including providing sex on demand.
One of the women also said she was forbidden from getting birth control because married women were supposed to bear as many babies as God would provide.

A spokesman for the church confirmed that information was removed from its website, saying in an email that:

“Recent changes to our website were made in consultation with members and nonmembers from around the country who raised concerns about their and their families’ privacy due to heightened media attention,” Connolly said.

Answer me this: If the divine role of women is to remain strapped to a birthing gurney for the duration of their lives, how is it that Barrett is up for one of the most powerful and high-profile jobs in the world? Is it because the Barretts already have seven children, so her usefulness as a breeding vessel has been fulfilled? Is that how this works? Please advise.

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