Amy Hoggart Has Advice on How to Bravely Say No to Friends

The Experts

It can be especially hard to say no to plans in the age of social distancing, but just because you’re always home doesn’t mean you have to suffer through that fifth Zoom call of the day. If you’re like me and hate disappointing others so much that you would sooner overwhelm yourself with tasks than politely tell someone you’re too busy, then Amy Hoggart has tips for you.

On her truTV show, It’s Personal with Amy Hoggart, the titular host specializes in giving advice to folks facing all kinds of issues, including grief and body image, no matter how unqualified she might be. When it comes to turning down the people close to you, Hoggart’s counseling seems pretty sound.

Whether you want to turn down an unwanted FaceTime request, tell your boss you can’t handle a task, or cancel plans with a best friend because you’re not in the mood, watch the video above for Hoggart’s suggestions on how to say no.

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