Amy Winehouse: "I Won't Let Blake Divorce Me"

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  • Amy Winehouse is going to have her fun and her husband too: ““While Blake is in jail I’m still gonna have a good time — he can’t do much about it,” the singer says. [TheSun]
  • Winehouse, who is currently staying at a hotel in St. Lucia, says that her wild behavior, which reportedly includes begging other guests for threesomes, grabbing female guests, and generally causing a ruckus, is just a temporary bit of fun to tide her over until her true love, Blake, is released from jail. “I still love my Blake. I won’t let him divorce me. He’s still in jail but the moment he comes out I’ll be there waiting for him,” Winehouse says, “I love him because he’s just like me. Blake is the male version of me. We’re perfect for each other.” [TheSun]
  • The producers of Speed the Plow, the Broadway show that briefly starred Jeremy Piven before an alleged case of mercury poisoning caused the star to drop out of the play, have filed a grievance with the Actors Equity Association against Piven. Piven’s publicist claims the grievance is “absurd and outrageous,” which is, hilariously, exactly what everyone on earth is saying about Jeremy Piven’s “mercury poisoning.” [AP]
  • Good news, Mad Men fans: creator Matthew Weiner has officially signed on to be a part of Season 3, which airs this summer. [HollywoodReporter]
  • Nick Cannon claims that he and Mariah Carey plan to have kids…eventually. “We’re definitely into planning a family and stuff but when everything calms down and we get the time,” Cannon says, “we’re just running and gunning now and enjoying being newlyweds.”[E!]
  • Brothers and Sisters star Rachel Griffiths is pregnant with baby number three. [People]
  • Beyonce is beyond thrilled to be singing “At Last” for Barack and Michelle Obama’s first dance at the Inauguration: “I could not be more honored and excited that they have asked me to be part of this moment in history.” [USMagazine]
  • Meryl Streep is speaking out about ageism; not just in Hollywood, but in every profession: “Look around the room. There are a lot of young women here who are journalists, but do you see any women my age? No. And if you look into the corporate corners of your company, there aren’t a lot of women there either. But we’re fighting that, and we’re making inroads against discrimination.” [Mirror]
  • 10 years after their debut album, Tommy Lee’s Methods of Mayhem is coming together for a second record. Which breaks my personal record of going 10 years without remembering that Tommy Lee had a crappy side band.[Reuters]
  • LOST fans: Carlton Cuse is saying that this is the “season of Josh,” meaning that we’re going to get a whole lotta Sawyer this time around. [E!]
  • Melissa George, the latest in a string of cast members to leave Grey’s Anatomy, claims she left the show to focus on other things. Yet a “friend” says Melissa had this to say: “I was supposed to have a full-blown love affair with Callie (played by Sara Ramirez), but Shonda said the network was making too many notes on the storyline. At first she commiserated with me, but then when I’d complain, she wouldn’t even talk about it. My agents calls went unanswered, and I wasn’t just going to sit there. Shonda promised me something and she didn’t deliver. That’s when I decided it’s time to go.”Star]
  • Bust out your giant buttons, neon shirts, and overalls: the New Kids on the Block have just announced plans for a North American tour. Donnie Wahlberg says the group can’t believe the positive response they’ve received so far: “This is beyond our wildest dreams,” Wahlberg says, “The T-shirts, the screams, the emails, the messages — it’s been amazing so far, and we are all just so happy to keep it going.” Hey, man. Sometimes people just wanna get on the floor and do the New Kids dance. [USMagazine]
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