An Expert on Anti-Asian Racism Grades Rudy Giuliani on His Anti-Asian Racism

An Expert on Anti-Asian Racism Grades Rudy Giuliani on His Anti-Asian Racism
Image:Chip Somodevilla (Getty Images)

Rudy Giuliani is having quite a week, apparently on an epic quest to remind us that he’s one of the worst people in America. First is his incredibly obvious and laughable effort to generate an October surprise to derail Joe Biden’s campaign, working with Steve Bannon to plant a story in the New York Post that merely served to remind people with eyes and common sense that failson Hunter Biden is kind of hot in a sleazy dirtbag way.

And then, as the Daily Beast first reported, Giuliani–oops!—posted a video of him engaging in some bargain basement anti-Asian racism to his podcast’s YouTube page on Wednesday night, which occurred apparently after his interview with former White House press secretary and Dancing With the Stars contestant Sean Spicer.

Here’s how the Daily Beast described the video:

After a few moments of small talk with an assistant who appears to be Jayne Zirkle, an animated Giuliani started affecting a stereotypical Chinese accent while telling Zirkle that she’s “going to be the most famous model in China.”
“Ah, get me Jayne Zirkle,” he said while using the accent.
After asking others in the room what they wanted for dinner, Giuliani continued to say Zirkle’s name in the mocking accent. He then started pantomiming a bow while repeating her name, laughing as his team tried to steer him back to talking about the interview. A few seconds later, the video finally cut out.

Sounds pretty bad, if somewhat pedestrian! As someone who has experienced quite her share of anti-Asian racism throughout her life, a bad accent and a bow is pretty tame stuff, if extremely aggravating, and I would expect something more original from such a noted racist. But then I watched the video, and HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA Rudy Giuliani is so bad at racism.

The half-hearted accent, the lackluster bow, the weird “ha ha hoo” he threw in after the lackluster bow. Lazy! It’s almost—almost—disappointing. He doesn’t even care enough about Asians to be good at being racist towards us. I’m offended on so many levels!

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