Anderson Cooper's New Show To Feature Amy Winehouse's Family

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The premiere airing of Anderson Cooper‘s new show, Anderson, will feature some very special guests: Amy Winehouse‘s father, Mitch; mother, Janis; and boyfriend, Reg Traviss. They will talk about the singer’s life, death and career. Cooper says: “Her music is extraordinary. And she’s such a remarkable talent. What’s remarkable about this family is they’ve been so public before her death about trying to get her help.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

Now here is a dynamite duo: Angelina Jolie and Dame Jane Goodall. A film about the famous primatologist and anthropologist, Jane’s Journey, will include details about her charity work with Angelina. “I was delighted when she told me she would be excited to be a part of the film,” says Dr. Goodall. “Sometimes, caught up in the moment, people promise to give their support but don’t, or can’t come through. That was not true with Angelina.” This is why we worship St. Angie, y’all. All praises due and that’s a blessing. [People]

Madonna was asked about fans admiring her — including Lady Gaga. Quoth Her Madgesty: “As for Lady Gaga, I have no comment on her obsessions related to me, because I do not know if it is based on something profound or superficial.” Oh, girl, come now. OBVIOUSLY it’s profound. She’s crazy for you! Touch her once and you’ll know it’s true. She never wanted anyone like this… It’s all brand new. She’s crazy. Crazy for you. [Radar]
BTW, Gaga wears no makeup on the new cover of Harper’s Bazaar. [Radar]
Gaga on surfing: “I fell off a lot in the beginning,” she says, “but one of the surfers said to me, ‘Now that you can stand up, just look into the future and enjoy the ride.’ I thought that was an interesting metaphor about life.” [Harper’s Bazaar]

In a world where no one likes paying for music, Lil’ Wayne‘s new album sold one million copies. One million. [The Life Files]
Or wait. Did Lil’ Wayne only sell 964,000? [AP]
Okay, yeah, seems like Weezy sold 964,000, which is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, it’s the the biggest sales week for a hip-hop album (or any set by a male artist) since, uh, Lil’ Wayne‘s Carter III. But 2011’s biggest debut remains Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way,” with 1.11 million. [Billboard]

We heard this rumor a while ago, and it turns out to be true: Ben Flajnik The Mental Kisser ™ is the new star of The Bachelor. Will Jennifer Love Hewitt get a rose? [People]

  • Elizabeth Taylor‘s exquisite jewelry collection will be auctioned off by Christie’s in December. Among the pieces: An asscher-cut 33.19-carat diamond set in a platinum ring. THIRTY-THREE carats. [AP]
  • “Teen Bride Courtney Stodden Strips Down To Sexy Romper, Says ‘Married Life Is Even Better At 17.'” The picture at the link is frightening in seven or eight different ways, but mostly it’s the fact that her toes are squished, pushed and hanging off of her platform shoes. [Radar]
  • Some dude broke into Celine Dion‘s house, went through the fridge, ate some pastry and ran himself a hot bath. When cops arrived, he asked, “What are you doing here?” [ABC News]
  • Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel: Together. In Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Looking “affectionate and happy.” Is it back on? Is he still booty-calling Olivia Munn? What happened with Olivia Wilde? Will he ever make music again? Inquiring minds. [Page Six]
  • Breaking hair news: Vanessa Hudgens is now rocking extensions. [Page Six]
  • It’s official: Eddie Murphy will host the Oscars. In addition, he has ice cream and you ain’t got no ice cream. [Gatecrasher, Deadline Hollywood]
  • Real Housewives of Beverly Hills headline of the day: “Taylor Armstrong‘s Friends Had Intervention ‘Years Ago’ About Alleged Abuse From Russell.” [Radar]
  • Kelsey Grammer is the victim of an online Ponzi scheme. He lost a whopping $200,000. Dr. Frasier Crane would never be bamboozled. [Radar]
  • If you missed Carol Burnett on All My Children yesterday, be sure and DVR it today! [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Glee fans: Producers have cast two actors to play Mike Chang‘s parents. He’s not just a set of abs, he has a backstory! His mom and dad will be played by Tamlyn Tomita (The Joy Luck Club) and Keong Sim (The Last Airbender). Maybe Mercedes will also get some freaking airtime? [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Kate Middleton, Duchess Of Conditioner, shopped in flats and carried her own bags. Were no bluebirds or field mice available? [Us Magazine]
  • Anthony Michael Hall, aka Farmer Ted, was arrested earlier this week. [Los Angeles Times]
  • The Beetlejuice sequel has been greenlighted. [Deadline New York]
  • “Don’t you think that what’s on the cover of a magazine is quite artificial? There’s this idea that it’s all natural, but everything’s been staged to look natural. It is also an invention. It’s just that my inventions are different. I often get asked about my artifice, but isn’t fashion based on the idea that we can create a fantasy?”— Lady Gaga, who also says: “I try to not focus on what people expect from me. I think what has been lovely about my relationship with the public is that they expect something unexpected from me.” [Harper’s Bazaar]
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