Andy Cohn, Co-Founder of The Fader, Has Been Suspended Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Andy Cohn, Co-Founder of The Fader, Has Been Suspended Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations
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Andy Cohn, publisher and co-founder of music website The Fader, has been suspended following a Jezebel report in which former employees accused him of sexual misconduct and hiring Eric Sundermann as head of content for Fader despite knowledge of an investigation into Sundermann’s sexual misconduct allegations at Vice.

On Friday, just one day after Jezebel’s report, The Fader released a statement announcing Cohn’s suspension, according to Pitchfork:

“Today we have retained outside counsel to launch an independent investigation into our company’s workplace policies and systems — not just to find out where we went wrong, but how we can improve our culture moving forward. Additionally, we have suspended president and publisher Andy Cohn.”

On November 4, The Fader also fired its head of content, Eric Sundermann, following a series of tweets by former music journalist Lauren Nostro alleging years of rumors in the music industry about Sundermann’s s sexual misconduct. Nostro also tweeted that she had heard similar rumors regarding Cohn.

In Jezebel’s investigation into Sundermann’s workplace conduct, a former employee at the Fader alleged that Cohn attempted to expose himself to her following the 2011 CMJ music festival in New York City. Several other current and former employees at the Fader also alleged that they had alerted management at the Fader about rumors regarding Eric Sundermann workplace behavior, and an internal investigation launched during his time at Vice. However, multiple employees of The Fader, say that Sundermann was hired as head of content, in part, because of his friendship with Cohn.

At least four employees at Fader told Jezebel that they had reported Cohn to human resources following Sundermann’s firing.

Read the full investigation here.

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