Animal Planet Is Giving a Whole New Meaning to 'Labor Day'


If you have nothing to do over Labor Day, why not turn on your computer and spend it watching THE MIRACLE OF LIFE? All holiday weekend, Animal Planet will be showing a live feed on its website of various species giving birth and spoiler alert: it will be intense, slimy and have a damn cute ending.

The feed, called Labor Live, will be streamed from the Nebraska State Fair because, according to Deadline,

Each year at the Nebraska State Fair, the Birthing Pavilion provides attendees the opportunity to see live animal births under the supervision of trained professionals from the University of Nebraska School of Veterinary Medicine and members of the Nebraska Veterinary Medical Association. With expert commentary from University of Nebraska veterinarians, the Labor Live Cam will broadcast 24/7 from the pavilion, which is the temporary home to expecting cows, sows, ewes, and chickens.

Throughout the weekend, Animal Planet (the network) will be complimenting the live feed with on-air animal birth alerts.

Image via Shutterstock.

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